Intercom for Developers

Integrate with Intercom by building apps on the complete AI customer service platform. Create seamless customized experiences in the Intercom Help Desk and Messenger using our APIs and SDKS.

Install Intercom

On Web, iOS, Android, and more

Make sure the Messenger is available everywhere your customers are. Customize the UI, configure user interactions, or set up push notifications.

Build and list an app

Offer an integration to Intercom's 25K+ customers

Build an app that helps solve business problems, from AI to reporting. Get started by setting up a free development workspace to test and publish your app.

Create a custom integration

For Inbox, Messenger, and accessing data

Build a solution just for your team on your main Intercom workspace. See what's possible with a Messenger app tutorial or Tickets tutorial.

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on Intercom

"The Intercom API had everything we needed to go from whiteboard to working app within a week. Plus, the documentation made it dead simple."

Roger Zurawicki
Engineer @ Coda
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“Integrating with Intercom has increased our product engagement and retention. Within 2 weeks of launch, our app had already been used in over 2,500 conversations.”

Nicolas Grenié
Developer Advocate
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“Aircall signups through Intercom-referral have increased 5x since we launched our app, and it's already been adopted by hundreds of support and sales teams.”

Clement Bruneau
Director of Business Development
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Guides for developers
🎟️ Tickets + GitHub Issues

Build an integration using webhooks and the Tickets API to create a GitHub issue when a ticket is created in Intercom.

📈 Reporting

Create your own reports from conversation and teammates data using the Intercom API.

✉️ Inbox apps for admins

In Intercom, admins are called teammates. Build an Inbox app for a teammate to log data about a contact.