What can I do with apps?

Apps in the Messenger

Apps in the Messenger are a specific type of app that make it easy for teammates and users in Intercom to get more done in the Messenger than just chat. They are great for streamlining existing workflows and enabling new ones by bringing other services into the Messenger.

For example, you could create an app that lets your leads quickly and easily book a meeting through the Messenger, like this:

There are three ways customers can interact with an app in the Messenger:

1. Apps in Messenger Home

These apps are shown on the Messenger Home screen to all users. You can customize which apps appear to users or visitors allowing them to complete a workflow without having to start a conversation.

More can be found on Apps on Messenger Home here.

2. Apps in Conversations

These apps are inserted into conversations by teammates. This improves all sorts of workflows like sharing content, making purchases, or scheduling appointments.

More can be found on Apps in Conversations here.

3. Apps in Outbound Messages

The apps can be sent in outbound messages to visitors, leads, or users. Some examples of these types of messages are visitor auto messages, user auto messages, or manual in-app messages.

More can be found on Apps in Outbound Messages here.

Apps with Operator

These apps can be sent as follow-up actions for Operator task bots, and custom bots. These are sent at the end, encouraging leads to take the next best steps, sometimes based off the criteria they've matched. Examples include booking a meeting, subscribing to a newsletter, or registering for a webinar.

More can be found on Apps with Operator here.


Another core capability of the Platform are our extensive REST APIs. The REST APIs give you direct access to read and write data from Intercom workspaces you have access to, either via an access token or an OAuth token.

You can read all about our REST APIs through this link before accessing our Reference.


Webhooks are a way to have a JSON notification sent directly to an endpoint of your choice any time data is updated in Intercom. Webhooks are a great way to help you keep data in sync between an external service and Intercom.

You can read all about our webhooks through this link.

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Once you have an idea of what to build, and have read the documentation, it's time to get setup and start building.

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What can I do with apps?

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