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Our reference for the Canvas Kit covers all the objects you will receive and respond with, alongside all the components you can use in order to render the UI for your Canvas Kit app.

If you want to learn more about the Canvas Kit itself, alongside the different types of requests we make in order to make these work, please take a look at our Canvas Kit guide.

If you’d like to chat with other Intercom customers who are building apps using our Canvas Kit, you can ask a question in Interconnected, our customer community forum.

Request Objects

Objects will be in a JSON payload when we send you a request. Different types of requests will contain different objects, so make sure to check on the reference page for which request the object will be sent in.

Response Objects

You need to send objects back in response to the request. While the canvas request is the most common object to respond with, different types of requests will require additional or different objects to be returned.

Presentation Components

The UI of your app should use the following components in order to relay information, provide explanation, and presenting other components in the correct fashion.

Interactive Components

When you need somebody to take actions or enter data within your Canvas Kit app, you have the following components which will render and allow interaction to take place.

Action Components

There's several different types of action that can take place off the back of an interaction with a component. You will need to provide one of the following action objects within a component to achieve this.