Getting started building apps

If you’re a developer thinking about building an app for Intercom, here’s everything you need to know to get started.

First off, some quick terminology:

What are 'apps'?
Anything that extends the functionality of, or integrates with, Intercom - including plugins, integrations and add ons.

'Messenger Apps' are apps that have functionality that can be used inside our Messenger - either in the Messenger Home or within conversations. It’s up to you if your app contains Messenger app capabilities. Learn more about the Messenger App framework here.

Who is your app for?
You can create apps that are just for your own team to use, within your own instance of Intercom, or you can choose to publish your app so it’s available for other Intercom customers in our App Store.

Here’s how to get started:

Building a Messenger App?

If you want to build a Messenger App, you’ll need to apply for early access to our framework before you get started.

To build any other type of app, simply:

  1. Create a free or trial Intercom account here (you’ll need a trial if you want to access all of our product functionality. Otherwise, a free platform account should be just fine)

  2. Create a TEST environment in your account

  1. If you’re building an app you intend to make available in our App Store, or are building in a new Intercom account:

  2. Use our API reference, tutorials and guides on this site to get started building. If you’re new to Intercom, you might also want to take a look at our product tours and help docs to get familiar with how our products work.

  3. Once you’ve built an app, if you want other Intercom customers to be able to use it, you can submit it to be published in our App Store.

If you need help or get stuck, just message us via the Messenger and we’ll be happy to help 😀

Getting started building apps