A list component renders a list of items which you provide in an array. You can make each list item take an action by adding the relevant action object to the item:

List Parameters

ParameterPossible ValuesRequiredFunction
typelistYesThe type of component you are rendering.
itemsArray (see below)YesThe items that will be rendered in the list.
disabledtrue``falseNoStyles all list items and prevents the action.Default is false.

Item Parameters

ParameterPossible ValuesRequiredFunction
typeitemYesThe type of component you are rendering.
idAny stringYesA unique identifier for the item.
titleAny stringYesThe text shown as the title for the item.
subtitleAny stringNoThe text shown underneath the item's title.
tertiary_textAny stringNoThe text shown next to the subtitle, separates by a bullet.
imageA valid HTTPS URLNoAn image that will be displayed to the left of the item.
image_widthAny integerYes (if image provided)The exact width of the image in pixels.
image_heightAny integerYes (if image provided)The exact height of the image in pixels.
rounded_imagetrue``falseNoRounds the corners of the image.Default is false.
disabledtrue``falseNoThe defined state of the inputted value to render a specific style.
actionAction ObjectNoThis can be a Submit Action, URL Action, or Sheets Action.