Error Codes

Starting from version 12.1.0 of our iOS SDK, we have introduced new error codes to give you some context around why an API call may be failing.

List of error codes

Error CodeError MessageDescription
[HTML Error Code] e.g. 401ERROR - [HTTP 4xx] - server error message Here, you will get back an HTTP error code and the error message that the server has returned.
2001ERROR - Failed to register user - the 'userId' or 'email' property of 'userAttributes' must be populated as a stringError caused when an invalid userId or email is passed to a login user call
3001ERROR - Failed to update user - the update object must be not nil and of type ICMUserAttributesIncorrect instance or nil object passed to the update user call
4001ERROR - Failed to register a device token - push notifications are not enabled on the host deviceThe host device does not have push notification permissions granted
4002ERROR - Failed to register a device token - device token is nilDevice token passed to function is nil
4003ERROR - Failed to register a device token - identity verification is not setup correctlyIdentity verification is not setup for the user
4004ERROR - Failed to register a device token - device token is invalidAttempted to register device with an invalid device token