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Webhooks allow you to subscribe to real-time notifications of events happening in Intercom, a Contact created, an incoming Conversation received, or an Admin Away Mode updated.

If you're unfamiliar with Webhooks, head to pipedream's RequestBin blog to learn more.

The main concepts of Intercom Webhooks are subscriptions, topics and notifications.


A Webhook Subscription is created within an App and is where you define the Topics you want to receive event Notifications on. A subscription can contain one or more topics. You will need to provide a URL where Intercom will send all notifications for your subscription.


A topic contains the events you will receive notifications on; for example, Conversation created or Contact deleted.

A subscription will contain one or more topics. Topics are types of notifications that you want to be informed about.


A notification is the event object delivered when an event is triggered, and notifications have data payloads that contain references to the Intercom objects associated with the event. Notifications for all topics will be sent to the URL you provided for your subscription.

Webhooks FAQs

Do Webhooks belong to my Workspace or my App?

Webhooks are associated with an App, and you configure your Webhooks per App just like you configure your Access Tokens. When you configure a Webhook, you tell Intercom where you want Notifications sent for one or more Topics.

If I am developing Apps for other people, what do I need to do?

You will need to select the correct permissions on the Authorization page of your App and then subscribe to the relevant topics on the Webhooks page.

Can I set up Subscriptions for Webhook Topics via the API?

No, you can only subscribe to Webhooks via Apps in your Developer Hub.

I previously configured webhooks via the API. Can I still do that?

If you previously set up Workspace Webhooks via the API, these will continue to work, and Intercom will not delete or reconfigure them.

What IP addresses does Intercom send Webhook Notifications from?

The IP addresses Intercom sends Webhook Notifications from are: