Become a Platform Partner


We’re always looking to work with partners who share our vision and can help us make it a reality.

If you have a successful integration with Intercom and think there’s potential to do something great together, apply to become a partner.


Why become a Platform Partner?

We work closely with partners to help our customers discover valuable integrations that will help make their work easier, better and faster.


Boost your success by getting your integration listed in our hub and on our integrations page so more customers can discover it.


Get the support, advice and updates you need to continue iterating on your integration and build something truly world class.


Be part of a growing community of innovative companies building integrations with Intercom that customers love.


Who's eligible?

We’re looking for partners who have built a successful integration with Intercom and who share our vision for making business personal.

Our customers' experience and the security of their data is important to us, so we ask that all partners fulfill a few requirements.

“Integrating ChargeDesk with Intercom has been a fantastic experience. It has given us access to Intercom's ever growing install base and we've seen a noticeable increase in the quantity and quality of leads we've received since being included as a Platform Partner.”
CEO and Co-Founder, ChargeDesk

How to apply

Applying is simple:

1. Launch

Build your integration, making sure it adheres to our Developer Guidelines, and get your customers to start using it.

2. Apply

When you’re confident you fulfill the eligibility requirements, apply by telling us a bit more about your integration.


We’ll review your application within 10 working days. If approved, we'll ask you for a few marketing materials and get it listed.

Get Started
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