Discover all the capabilities of our platform so that you can build context-relevant, action-oriented apps directly on top of Intercom - whether you're publicly integrating your service with ours, or you're building for your own team's private usage.

See what others have built on the Intercom App Store, chat with developers in our Community, and explore our tutorials to get a sense of what you can do.

Getting Started

It's easy to begin building on Intercom. All you need is a workspace and to create an app in our Developer Hub.

Canvas Kit

Bring your products directly into the Intercom UI with our Canvas Kit, making it easy for teammates or customers to see information and take actions without needing to navigate away from Intercom.


Retrieve information, keep your data in sync, or take actions programmatically through our API.


Keep informed by receiving notifications when particular actions take place within Intercom.


Our API & Canvas Kit are both versioned to give you the latest features while also safely ensuring your apps don't break when we launch changes.


You'll need to authenticate in order to use the API, or allow others to install your app and have them authroize access to their data.


We want all apps to be useful, to work as intended, and use data responsibly. Follow our guidelines to create best-in-class apps, whether it's for your own workspace or for third-parties to be wowed by.

Publishing Apps

Wanting to release your app for the public to use? Follow these additional steps to allow users to install your app and publish it to your product or our App Store.