The Intercom Developer Platform is a suite of SDKs and APIs that allow you to build apps that connect with Intercom. You can use these apps to extend the functionality of Intercom or to integrate Intercom with other services.

New to Intercom?

For more information about Intercom products, you can visit our main website or read our user documentation.

Installing Intercom

The first integration you'll use is Intercom itself, by installing the Messenger into your product. This will allow your customers to send messages to your Intercom Inbox.

App Store

The Intercom App Store is where you’ll find a collection of public apps that connect to Intercom. It contains both apps built by Intercom, and apps built by other companies. If you're building an integration that you think other people would find useful, you can submit it to the App Store.

Building custom integrations

In addition to the off the shelf integrations you can find in our App Store, you can also build your own integrations using our REST API.

Getting help

To get help, you can chat to Intercom experts and other developers in the Intercom Community. You can also contact Intercom customer support directly using the Messenger in the bottom right of this page.