Promoting your App

So you've built your Intercom app, submitted it to the Intercom App Store, and are ready to make it live. Now what?

When you've spent time and effort building an app, you'll want to ensure you're giving it the best possible chance of success once you put it out into the world.

Here are some tips on promoting your app once it's live:

Take advantage of the App Partner Program benefits

After your app is published, you'll automatically get enrolled in our App Partner Program, which unlocks a number of benefits to help you drive more revenue, generate more leads, and retain more customers.

Write a blog post

In addition to your help doc or landing page, a blog post is a great opportunity to show off your app in more detail. Don't just describe how your app works, but focus on the benefits to your customers. Why should they use the integration? Does it save them time, money, pain? Examples of workflows or customer success stories always go down well too!

Promote on social

Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn - wherever your target audience are, sharing on social is a great way to spread the news. Keep posts concise and benefits-focused, with images or gifs showing off your app in action.

Message your customers

Targeted messaging to your customers - whether emails or in-app messages - is a great way to get people using your app right away. Focus on messaging customers who are likely to get value from your app or who you know are Intercom users (note: you should focus on messaging customers or subscribers who've signed up for updates - please don't message our customers without their permission!)

Post on Product Hunt

Posting your Intercom app on Product Hunt is a great way to get it in front of a large audience, attract new users and get feedback.

We recommend keeping your description concise and focused on the benefits of using your app. Include some clear screenshots or videos that show it in action too. Product Hunt has a great guide about posting too. And of course, use the Product Hunt app in your Messenger to drive more views and votes!

If you do post on Product Hunt, let us know in the Intercom Community!

Thank you!

Good luck with your launch, and thank you for being part of our community 🙌