About the SDK

The Intercom SDK for iOS enables you to use the Intercom Messenger in your app, have conversations with your customers, send rich outbound messages, show your Help Center, and track events.


You can install Intercom for iOS using Cocoapods, Swift Package Manager, or manually. A basic installation takes around 15 minutes, but will take a little longer if you need to configure event tracking or have a more complex use case.

To install Intercom for iOS you will need an API key. You’ll find that in Intercom > Settings > Installation > iOS. That’s where you can upload your push certificate as well.

Sample app

You’ll find Intercom for iOS on Github here. There’s also a sample app that you can use to play around with the SDK here.


Intercom for iOS is compatible with iOS 15 and up. We also have a plugin for Cordova and Phonegap.

The SDK is written using both Swift & Objective-C.

SDK size

The size of Intercom for iOS once installed varies depending on your app’s configuration. For most installations, it’s roughly around 9MB in size.