Error Codes

The API may send the following error codes. Other codes may be added in the future.

server_errorGeneric server error
client_errorGeneric client error
type_mismatchThe JSON value type is incorrect for the field
parameter_not_foundA required parameter was not supplied
parameter_invalidA parameter's value is invalid
action_forbiddenThe action is not authorized
conflictThere is existing data that clashes with the request data
api_plan_restrictedThe API is not available on this App's Plan
rate_limit_exceededThe rate limit for the App has been exceeded
unsupportedThe operation is not supported
token_revokedThe token or API Key has been revoked
token_blockedThe API Key or App has been blocked
token_not_foundThe token or API Key does not exist
token_unauthorizedThe token or API Key is not allowed to access the resource
token_expiredThe token is expired
missing_authorizationNo authorization data was found on the request
retry_afterThe client should wait for a time before retrying the request
job_closedThe client should start a new bulk job
not_restorableThis user was blocked and cannot be recreated
team_not_foundThe team does not exist
team_unavailableThis team is deprecated so conversations cannot be assigned to it
admin_not_foundThe admin does not exist