Changelog (Unstable)

Unstable API

This version is not stable and everything within is subject to change. We recommend using this for test and staging environments, as opposed to within production.

New AI Content APIs

The AI Content APIs are a new addition to allow you to get content into Fin from private help centers that Fin wouldn't otherwise be able to access and learn from the content of. With the APIs, you can create and manage External Pages and Content Import Sources for your Fin Content Library.

Feel free to submit your feedback on the AI Content APIs via Messenger, we’d love to hear from you!

Reply to conversations with Quick Replies

We added the ability to reply to conversations with Quick Replies. The Reply to a conversation endpoint now allows admins to reply to conversations with quick replies. When a user clicks on one of the given options, a comment conversation part will be created that includes metadata linking back to the quick reply option chosen.

New Searchable Contact Attribute

We added formatted_phone as a searchable attribute for contacts.