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Identify an admin


OAuth only

This feature is only available when using OAuth. This requires the "Read admins" permission.

You can view the name, email and app ID of the current authorised admin via a GET request to https://api.intercom.io/me.


This will return an Admin object, with an embedded app object (a workspace in legacy terminology).

App Object (a workspace)

typestringvalue is 'admin'
idstringThe id of the admin
namestringThe name of the admin
emailstringThe email address of the admin
email_verifiedbooleanThis field will indicate whether the Intercom user has verified their email or not
app.typestringvalue is 'app'
app.id_codestringThe id of the app
app.namestringThe name of the app
app.regionstringThe Intercom region the app is located in
app.created_attimestampWhen the app was created
app.identity_verificationbooleanWhether or not the app uses identity verification


Single Sign On

If you are building a custom "Log in with Intercom" flow for your site, and you call the /me endpoint to identify the user logging, in you should not accept any sign ins from users with unverified email addresses as it poses a potential impersonation security risk.