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Retrieve an article

Example Request & Response (Multilingual Help Center)

$ curl https://api.intercom.io/articles/<id> \
-X GET \
-H 'Authorization:Bearer <Your access token>' \
-H 'Accept:application/json'
-H 'Content-Type: application/json' -d
HTTP/1.1 200 OK
  "id": 1,
  "type": "article",
  "workspace_id": "abcdef",
  "title": "New title",
  "description": "English description",
  "body': "<p>This is the body in html</p>",
  "author_id": 1,
  "state": "published",
  "created_at": 7891011,
  "updated_at": 7892022,
  "url": "http://intercom.test/help/en/articles/3-thanks-for-everything",
  "parent_id": 1,
  "parent_type": "collection",
  "default_locale": "en",
  "translated_content": {
    "type": "article_translated_content",
    "fr": {
      "type": "article_content",
      "title": "Allez les verts",
      "description": "French description",
        "body": "<p>French body in html</p>",
        "author_id": 1,
        "state": "published",
        "created_at": 7891011,
        "updated_at": 7891011,
        "url": "http://intercom.test/help/fr/articles/3-allez-les-verts"
    "es": {
      "title": "Nuevo título",
      "description": nil,
        "body": <p>Spanish body in html</p>,
        "author_id": 1,
        "state": "published",
        "created_at": 7892022,
        "updated_at": 7892022,
        "url": "http://intercom.test/help/fr/articles/3-allez-les-verts"
  "statistics": {
      "type": "article_statistics",
      "views": 10,
      "conversations": 0,
      "reactions": 8,
      "happy_reaction_percentage": 38,
      "neutral_reaction_percentage": 38,
      "sad_reaction_percentage": 25

You can fetch the details of a single article by making a GET request to https://api.intercom.io/articles/<id>.

Request Path Parameters

idStringYesThe unique identifier for the article which is given by Intercom.


This will return an Article model.