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The Admin model

Example Object

    "type": "admin",
    "id": "493881",
    "name": "Hoban Washburne",
    "email": "[email protected]",
    "job_title": "Philosopher",
    "away_mode_enabled": false,
    "away_mode_reassign": false,
    "has_inbox_seat": true,
    "team_ids": [
    "team_priority_level": {
      "primary_team_ids": [
      "secondary_team_ids": [

Admins are the teammate accounts that have access to a workspace.

Object Models


typestringString representing the object's type. Always has the value admin.
idstringThe id representing the admin.
namestringThe name of the admin.
emailstringThe email of the admin.
job_titlestringThe job title of the admin.
away_mode_enabledbooleanIdentifies if this admin is currently set in away mode.
away_mode_reassignbooleanIdentifies if this admin is set to automatically reassign new conversations to the apps default inbox.
has_inbox_seatbooleanIdentifies if this admin has a paid inbox seat to restrict/allow features that require them.
team_idsarrayThis object represents the avatar associated with the admin.
avatarstringImage for the associated team or teammate
team_priority_levelobjectAdmin priority levels for teams

Team Priority Level

primary_team_idsarrayThe primary team ids for the team
secondary_team_idsarrayThe secondary team ids for the team


Information on has_inbox_seat

As inbox seats are a new feature with our new pricing plans, customers not migrated to our new pricing will have has_inbox_seat set to true.

We only check if the teammate making the API call has seats, not the app itself, nor all admins within the app.

If an admin has_inbox_seats set to false, then certain calls will fail, such as:

Setting an admin to have away mode and/or to reassign conversations
Assigning a conversation to an admin or a team
Adding or removing another customer to a group conversation

If it fails, we let the developer know by returning a 403 Forbidden error, alongside a clarifying error code/message as can be seen in the examples to the right.