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The Data Attribute model

Example Data Attribute Object

  "type": "data_attribute",
  "model": "contact",
  "name": "paid_subscriber",
  "full_name": "custom_attributes.paid_subscriber", 
  "label": "paid_subscriber", 
  "description": "",
  "data_type": "string", 
  "options": [
  "api_writable": true, 
  "ui_writable": true, 
  "custom": true, 
  "archived": false, 
  "admin_id": "1",
  "created_at": 1392734388,
  "updated_at": 1392734388

Data Attributes are metadata used to describe your contact, company and conversation models. These include standard and custom attributes. By using the data attributes endpoint, you can get the global list of attributes for your workspace, as well as create and archive custom attributes.

Object Models

Data Attribute

typestringValue is data_attribute.
idintegerThe unique identifier for the data attribute which is given by Intercom. Only available for custom attributes.
modelstringValue is contact for user/lead attributes, company for company attributes and conversation for conversation attributes..
namestringName of the attribute.
full_namestringFull name of the attribute. Should match the name unless it's a nested attribute. We can split full_name on . to access nested user object values.
labelstringReadable name of the attribute (i.e. name you see in the UI)
descriptionstringReadable description of the attribute.
data_typestringThe data type of the attribute.
optionsarrayList of predefined options for attribute value.
api_writablebooleanCan this attribute be updated through API
ui_writablebooleanCan this attribute be updated in the UI
custombooleanSet to true if this is a CDA
archivedbooleanIs this attribute archived. (Only applicable to CDAs)
created_atintegerThe time the attribute was created as a UTC Unix timestamp
updated_atintegerThe time the attribute was last updated as a UTC Unix timestamp
admin_idstringTeammate who created the attribute. Only applicable to CDAs