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The Export Job model

You can use the API to export data for all messages sent or viewed in a given timeframe. This data will be valuable in analysing the performance of your Intercom messages, including all outbound content types such as Posts, Custom Bots, Emails, Surveys and more. As well enabling you to join message engagement data with user data external to Intercom to attribute performance. More on the feature is here.

You should perform three operations in order to retrieve your message data:

Object Models

Data Export

job_identfierstringThe identifier for your job.
statusstringThe current state of your job.
download_expires_atstringThe time after which you will not be able to access the data.
download_urlstringThe location where you can download your data.


Export limit size

If your export job exceeds 10 millions rows in size then we will only return the first 10 millions rows. In other words, we cannot export any job greater than 10 million rows