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The Message model

Example Message Object

    "type": "message",
    "id": "489373052",
    "created_at": 1539897198,
    "subject": "This is the subject - if it's an email",
    "body": "<p>Hello</p>",
    "message_type": "email"

Message are how you reach out to contacts in Intercom. They are created when an admin sends an outbound message to a contact.

Object Models


typestringThe type of the message
idstringThe id representing the message.
created_atintegerThe time the conversation was created.
subjectstringThe subject of the message. Only present if message_type: email.
bodystringThe message body, which may contain HTML.
message_typestringThe type of message that was sent. Can be email, inapp, facebook or twitter.
conversation_idstringThe associated conversation_id