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The News Item model

The News API allows you to easily manage news items and newsfeeds.

News are shared through news items which can be assigned to multiple newsfeeds.

A newsfeed is a collection of news items, targeted to a specific audience. Newsfeeds currently cannot be edited through the API, please refer to this article to set up your newsfeeds in Intercom.

Object Models

News Item

typestringThe type of object.
idstringThe unique identifier for the news item which is given by Intercom.
workspace_idstringThe id of the workspace which the news item belongs to.
titlestringThe title of the news item.
bodystringThe news item body, which may contain HTML.
sender_idintegerThe id of the sender of the news item. Must be a teammate on the workspace.
statestringNews items will not be visible to your users in the assigned newsfeeds until they are set live.
newsfeed_assignmentsarrayA list of newsfeed_assignments to assign to the specified newsfeed.
labelsarrayLabel names displayed to users to categorize the news item.
cover_image_urlstringURL of the image used as cover. Must have .jpg or .png extension.
reactionsarrayOrdered list of emoji reactions to the news item. When empty, reactions are disabled.
deliver_silentlybooleanWhen set to true, the news item will appear in the messenger newsfeed without showing a notification badge.
created_atintegerTimestamp for when the news item was created.
updated_atintegerTimestamp for when the news item was last updated.

The table below defines the subset of HTML accepted when creating or updating a news item. Over time we may add support for new HTML elements and attributes, since this will not constitute a breaking change, we advise any client code to support the full HTML specification when reading news item content.

Supported HTML

TagWhat does it do?Additional Details
<p>ParagraphAll text must be placed within paragraph tags.
<br>Line breakSupported in-line.
<hr>Horizontal ruleNA
<h1> <h2>HeadingOnly these two header tags are supported. All others will be replaced with <h2>.
<a>LinkAn image can be placed in-between the link tags.
<img>ImageImages will be uploaded to Intercom and we'll use an Intercom link to display these.
If these fail to upload then we'll hard fail and return 400 Bad Request.
<ul> <ol> <li>ListLists must contain at least one non-empty <li> element.

<li> elements can contain plain text, or any other supported HTML tags, except <table>.

If these criteria aren't met, then the news item will hard fail and return 400 Bad request.
<table>TableNeeds to have at least one row and one cell.
Can contain any other supported HTML tags, except another <table> within.
If these criteria aren't met then it will hard fail and return 400 Bad request.
<iframe>Videosrc must be for a supported video embed link.
Only works for Youtube, Wistia, Vimeo, Loom, Vidyard or StreamIO.
<pre> <code>Pre-formatted code
<b> <strong>Bold
<i> <em>Italic

Supported CSS

ClassWhat does it do?Where does it work?
intercom-align-centerCenter AlignmentOn tag level: Headers, Paragraphs.
On wrapping div: Images, Buttons.
intercom-h2b-buttonButtonOn tag level: Links

Unsupported HTML

TagWhat does it do?What do we do?
<dl>Definition ListHard fail - 400 Bad Request
<ul> or <ol>Nested listsHard fail - 400 Bad Request
Unsupported video
Hard fail - 400 Bad Request
<div> <span>Content divisionReplace with <p>
<h3> to <h6>HeadingReplace with <h2>
<form>FormRemove from content
<input> <textarea>InputRemove from content
<script>Javascript ScriptRemove from content
<head> <html> <footer> etc.All other tagsRemove from content
Internals replaced with <p>