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The Newsfeed Assignment model

Object Models

A news item can be assigned to multiple newsfeeds, use the newsfeed_assignments array on the news item model to assign a news item to a newsfeed through the newsfeed assignment model.

Newsfeed Assignment

newsfeed_idintegerThe unique identifier for the newsfeed which is given by Intercom. Publish dates cannot be in the future, to schedule news items use the dedicated feature in app (see this article).
published_atintegerPublish date of the news item on the newsfeed, use this field if you want to set a publish date in the past (e.g. when importing existing news items). On write, this field will be ignored if the news item state is "draft".


How do I assign a news item to the news center newsfeed?

The newsfeed list returned by the list API will always include a news center newsfeed. Use its newsfeed_id to assign the news item to the news center.