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The Segment model

Example Segment Object

  "type": "segment",
  "id": "53203e244cba153d39000062",
  "name": "New",
  "created_at": 1394621988,
  "updated_at": 1394622004

A segment is a group of your contacts defined by rules that you set. Contacts are automatically added to the segment every time the contact updates to match those rules. You can use Search for contacts to find contacts that match the same rules.

Object Models


typestringThe type of object.
idstringThe unique identifier representing the segment.
namestringThe name of the segment.
created_atintegerThe time the segment was created.
updated_atintegerThe time the segment was updated.
person_typestringType of the contact: contact (lead) or user.
countintegerThe number of items in the user segment. It's returned when include_count=true is included in the request.