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Handling Notifications

When you setup a subscription you will receive notifications on your chosen topics. How you handle those notifications, i.e. the HTTP status code returned, will determine the subsequent state of that subscription. Please see below for a list of how a subscription will respond to these status codes

Response Code


Subscription Action


Success - Indicates subscription was delievered

Timeout is 5 seconds. If you don't send a response inside that time notification is treated as failed and will be retried only once after 1 minute


Gone - resource no longer available

If a 410 is received the subscription will be disabled and no further notification will be sent


Too many requests

When a 429 is received all notification from that subscription will be throttled. Depending on rate of delivery this delay can be between 1 minute to 2 hours. If 429s continue and any notification is delayed for > 2 hours we will drop that notification.

4xx*, 5xx

Client or service errors

Retry after 1 minute. If 2nd retry fails we mark notification delivery as failed.

*Excluding 410 and 429