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The following topics and sub-topics can be subscribed to. The 'Item Type' column shows the API type that will be sent as the data of the Notification (for more information on API types, see "API Summary" in the Intercom API documentation.

TopicItem TypeDescription
conversation.user.createdConversationSubscribe to user and lead initiated messages
conversation.user.repliedConversationSubscribe to user conversation replies
conversation.admin.repliedConversationSubscribe to admin conversation replies
conversation.admin.single.createdConversationSubscribe to admin initiated 1:1 conversation
conversation.admin.assignedConversationSubscribe to admin conversation assignments
conversation.admin.notedConversationSubscribe to admin conversation notes
conversation.admin.closedConversationSubscribe to admin conversation closes
conversation.admin.openedConversationSubscribe to admin conversation opens
conversation_part.tag.createdConversationSubscribe to conversation parts being tagged
user.createdUserSubscribe to user creations
user.deletedUserSubscribe to users being archived. Not sent for bulk archiving.
user.unsubscribedUserSubscribe to user unsubscriptions from email
user.email.updatedUserSubscribe to user's email address being updated
user.tag.createdUserTagSubscribe to users being tagged. Not sent for bulk tagging.
user.tag.deletedUserTagSubscribe to users being untagged
contact.createdLeadSubscribe to Lead creations
contact.signed_upLeadSubscribe to Leads converting to a User
contact.added_emailLeadSubscribe to Leads adding email
visitor.signed_upVisitorSubscribe to visitors converting to a User
company.createdCompanySubscribe to company creations
event.createdEventSubscribe to events (Beta!)
pingPingSent when a post to the Subscription's ping resource is received, or periodically by Intercom. Ping is always subscribed to.
  • The UserTag object is specific to webhooks - see "User Tag Object" for a description.
  • On the Intercom site, bulk user tagging operations do not trigger webhooks and only single user tag operations will result in a webhook being sent.