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Conversation are how you can communicate with users in Intercom.

To start a conversation you and your users can send messages. The API supports two ways to start a conversation -

  • From a user to you, called a 'user initiated' conversation.
  • From a team member to a single user called an 'admin initiated' conversation.

The API does not currently support sending admin initiated messages to multiple users, creating auto messages or sending from teams, but we'd be interested in hearing your usecases - please contact [email protected].

Once a message has been sent the conversation can begin! Users and Admins can reply to any conversation via the API - see the section "Replying to a Conversation" for details.


The Conversations API is only available to Apps with a trial or an active subscription.



There may be a short delay between user creation and a user becoming available for messaging through the API. A 404 will be returned in this case, and you should retry the request after a delay.



If you try to send an email to a user who has unsubscribed, we will return a 403 and the message "This user is unsubscribed from emails".