Changelog (v2.10)

Breaking Changes

This version of the API includes breaking changes. They are listed below.

Breaking Changes

Help Centers no longer have sections

The sections endpoints have been removed. You can now use the collections endpoints to get all collections and their articles. If you previously had sections, they will be returned as collections.

Article collections can now be multi-level

Previous to this version, article collections could only be one level deep. Now, you can have collections within collections. The collections endpoint now returns a parent_id attribute for each collection. If the collection has no parent, the parent_id will be null. You can also set the parent_id when creating or updating a collection.

Backwards Compatible Changes

Adding additional fields to the Company object in Webhooks

We've added the following fields to the Company object in Webhooks:

  • size
  • website
  • industry
  • plan

Introducing the Articles Search endpoint

Using the new Articles Search endpoint, you can now search the text of Articles in your Help Center, and filter by state.

Try Articles Search

Introducing the Tickets Search endpoint

Using the new Tickets Search endpoint, you can search for multiple tickets by the value of their attributes in order to fetch exactly which ones you want.

Try Tickets Search

Introducing the Ticket Tags endpoints

Using the /ticket/{ticket_id}/tags endpoint, you can now add and remove tags from tickets.

Tickets now have a linked objects field

The Tickets object now includes a linked_objects field, which is list of objects that are linked to the ticket. These can be conversations or other tickets.

Adding open and snoozed_until attributes to tickets.

Tickets now have an open attribute, which is true if the ticket is open, and false if it is closed. Tickets also have a snoozed_until attribute, which is the date and time that the ticket is snoozed until, if it is snoozed. This is different from the ticket’s state.

Add External ID to Contact

We now return the external_id for a Contact where one exists.

Create comments on Tickets

You can now create comments on tickets using the Reply to a ticket endpoint.

Add Category to Tickets and Ticket Types

Tickets now have one of three different categories.

Sharing tickets

Using the new is_shared attribute, you can now share tickets with your customers via the API.

Converting a conversation to a ticket

You can now use the API to convert a Conversation to a Ticket

Add Ticket ID to Ticket Response

The ticket model now includes the ticket_id attribute. This represents the Ticket ID that is visible in the Intercom user interface, and is distinct from the id of the ticket.

Add snooze_until attribute to tickets.

The Tickets API now accepts a snooze_until attribute when updating a ticket. This allows you to snooze a ticket until a specific date and time.

Add Admin activity log webhook

We've added a new webhook, admin.activity_log_event.created, which will be sent each time a new admin activity log is created.