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What's new in v2.9

Tickets API

We are adding a new Tickets API to the Intercom API. This API allows you to create, update, and retrieve tickets. You can also add notes to tickets, and manage ticket types and ticket type attributes.

Ticket Webhooks

As part of the Tickets API release, we are also adding the following related webhooks:

ticket.createdFires when a ticket is created.
ticket.note.createdFires when a note is added to a ticket.
ticket.state.updatedFires when a ticket's status is updated.
ticket.contact.attachedFires when a contact is attached to a ticket.
ticket.admin.assignedFires when a ticket is assigned to a teammate.
ticket.team.assignedFires when a ticket is assigned to a team.
ticket.contact.detachedFires when a contact is detached from a ticket.
ticket.attribute.updatedFires when a ticket's attribute is updated.
ticket.admin.repliedFires when a teammate replies to a ticket.
ticket.contact.repliedFires when a contact replies to a ticket.