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The Company model

Example Company Object

  "type": "company",
  "id": "531ee472cce572a6ec000006",
  "name": "Blue Sun",
  "plan": {
        "type": "plan",
        "id": "269315",
        "name": "pro"
  "company_id": "6",
  "remote_created_at": 1394531169,
  "created_at": 1394533506,
  "updated_at": 1396874658,
  "size": 85,
  "website": "http://www.example.com",
  "industry": "Manufacturing",
  "monthly_spend": 49,
  "session_count": 26,
  "user_count": 10,
  "custom_attributes": {
    "paid_subscriber" : true,
    "team_mates": 0

Companies allow you to represent organizations using your product. Each company will have its own description and be associated with contacts. You can fetch, create, update and list companies.

Companies will not appear within Intercom until users have been added or associated with a company.

Object Models


typestringValue is company
idstringThe Intercom defined id representing the company.
namestringThe name of the company.
app_idstringThe Intercom defined code of the workspace the company is associated to.
company_idstringThe company id you have defined for the company.
remote_created_atintegerThe time the company was created by you.
created_atintegerThe time the company was added in Intercom.
updated_atintegerThe last time the company was updated.
last_request_atintegerThe time the company last recorded making a request.
sizeintegerThe number of employees in the company.
websitestringThe URL for the company website.
industrystringThe industry that the company operates in.
monthly_spendintegerHow much revenue the company generates for your business.
session_countintegerHow many sessions the company has recorded.
user_countintegerThe number of users in the company.
custom_attributesobjectThe custom attributes you have set on the company.
tagsobjectThe list of tags associated with the company
segmentsobjectThe list of segments associated with the company