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The Ticket Type Attributes model



Deletion of ticket type attributes is not possible as existing tickets of the same type might still use the attribute, so we allow for soft deletion/archiving of attributes by setting the "archived" property.

Tickets are how you can capture complex requests, allowing you to collaborate and keep track of progress until a resolution is reached. Each ticket is of a certain ticket type.

Each ticket type defines names and properties of the fields (attributes) presented to the teammate or contact when creating the ticket via Inbox and/or Messenger. Ticket type attributes can be retrieved through the Ticket Type API as part of the ticket type response, and created and updated through dedicated ticket type attribute requests.

Object Models

Ticket Type Attribute

typestringString representing the object's type. Always has the value ticket_type_attribute.
idstringThe id representing the ticket type attribute.
workspace_idstringThe id of the workspace that the ticket type attribute belongs to.
namestringThe name of the ticket type attribute
descriptionstringThe description of the ticket type attribute
data_typestringThe type of the data attribute (allowed values: "string list integer decimal boolean datetime files")
input_optionsobjectInput options for the attribute
orderintegerThe order of the attribute against other attributes
required_to_createbooleanWhether the attribute is required or not for teammates.
required_to_create_for_contactsbooleanWhether the attribute is required or not for contacts.
visible_on_createbooleanWhether the attribute is visible or not to teammates.
visible_to_contactsbooleanWhether the attribute is visible or not to contacts.
defaultbooleanWhether the attribute is built in or not.
ticket_type_idintegerThe id of the ticket type that the attribute belongs to.
archivedbooleanWhether the ticket type attribute is archived or not.
created_atintegerThe date and time the ticket type attribute was created.
updated_atintegerThe date and time the ticket type attribute was last updated.