Company Scroll

Companies allow you to represent organizations using your product. Each company will have its own description and be associated with contacts. You can fetch, create, update and list companies.


The type of object - list

Value: "list"
Array of objects (Company)
object or null (Cursor based pages)

Cursor-based pagination is a technique used in the Intercom API to navigate through large amounts of data. A "cursor" or pointer is used to keep track of the current position in the result set, allowing the API to return the data in small chunks or "pages" as needed.

integer or null

The total number of companies


The scroll parameter to use in the next request to fetch the next page of results.

{ "type": "list", "data": [ ], "pages": { "type": "pages", "page": 1, "per_page": 2, "total_pages": 13 }, "total_count": 100, "scroll_param": "25b649f7-4d33-4ef6-88f5-60e5b8244309" }