Applied SLA

The SLA Applied object contains the details for which SLA has been applied to this conversation. Important: if there are any canceled sla_events for the conversation - meaning an SLA has been manually removed from a conversation, the sla_status will always be returned as null.


object type


The name of the SLA as given by the teammate when it was created.


SLA statuses:

  • hit: If there’s at least one hit event in the underlying sla_events table, and no “missed” or “canceled” events for the conversation.
  • missed: If there are any missed sla_events for the conversation and no canceled events. If there’s even a single missed sla event, the status will always be missed. A missed status is not applied when the SLA expires, only the next time a teammate replies.
  • active: An SLA has been applied to a conversation, but has not yet been fulfilled. SLA status is active only if there are no “hit, “missed”, or “canceled” events.
Enum: "hit" "missed" "cancelled" "active"
{ "type": "conversation_sla_summary", "sla_name": "", "sla_status": "hit" }